TRX2® Advanced Care Hair Thickening & Styling Cream

So, my good friends over at Oxford BioLabs have released a new styling cream, based on the same principles as their other products. 

It's funny, as it was only the other day that I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a styling cream that could also help prevent hair loss and thinning hair.  The question is, does this stuff actually work? 

I will definitely not be purchasing this, as I am not a big fan of TRX2 products.  Many of you will know how unsuccessful the pills were, after I took them for nearly nine months!  So, this post is not a review of this styling cream, as such. 

I tried to find the list of ingredients in this formula, but it does not state this information on their website.  If any of you have bought this product, then please list the ingredients in the comments section below.  I will then be able to give my in-depth views on this formula.

I have actually looked into creating anti-hair loss styling creams, using a wide range of additives, including Minoxidil, but the problem is, like with any anti-baldness formula, it needs to absorb into the scalp for the very best results.  

Hair styling creams do not absorb into the scalp, instead they just hug the hair strand and then get washed out. So, if you think about it, packing a styling cream with a bunch of anti-hair loss ingredients is actually pointless. 

Topical foams, serums and shampoos are more effective for preventing baldness because they actually absorb into the scalp upon application. This is why a styling cream could not work as an anti-balding treatment. 

There isn't any logic to using this styling cream, unless of course you love the texture and shine that it gives your hair. But at over £20 per pot, it'll be the most expensive styling product you are ever likely to purchase. 

If you want my honest opinion, then I would label this product as nothing more than a gimmick - just another money-maker to add to the existing line of TRX2 products on offer. 

If you have used this styling and 'thickening' cream by TRX2, then I would love to hear your honest feedback.  Please leave your thoughts and reviews in the comments section below.


I am going to Beat Hair Loss This Year

How I'll beat Hair Loss

Ok guys, as many of you will already know, from reading my blog, I've been battling early stages of baldness for over six years now, and things seem to be going well. 

 The fact I am still at the 'early stages' of balding, six years after I noticed my hair getting thinner, I'd say my journey has become a success, somewhat.  I look around and see friends who are the same age as me, already exceeding Norwood 4, and they started balding after me.  

It's pretty crazy to think that six years ago I was terrified I wouldn't make it to 35 with a head of hair.  Now I'm pretty convinced I'll make it to 50 with a relatively full head of hair, which I am more than happy about. 

How have I stopped Hair Loss? 

There really is no secret as to how I stopped the pattern of hair fall.  Every product or treatment that I have ever tried for my hair is listed on my blog, and I have given my honest reviews and feedback on each and every one of them. 

There was never a 'magical cure' for my balding - it was simply about me going through a long phase of 'trial and error' in order to find the right treatment that worked best for me. 

Remember, I wasted a heck of a lot of my hard earned cash on products like TRX2, which I wasted nine months of my life on. I didn't see a single new hair grow in that period of time.  I also invested a lot of time and money on other products that had absolutely no effect on my hair whatsoever. 

So, just to bear in mind, it wasn't easy for me, but the whole process was absolutely worth the time and money spent. I now have a good hair care routine and a few products that have enabled me to  get to a point where I the losing of hair has been halted.

That's your cure for hair loss, effectively - investing real time and money into the cause.  You'll need to try products first, because without trying certain things, you'll never know what actually works best for you. 

Also, make sure you do your research - proper research.  Know what you are buying, and develop a good knowledge of ingredients, case studies and facts.  The more you know about the industry, the better chance you will have of finding an effective treatment. 

What's my Hair Care routine? 

I still get a lot of people asking me what my exact hair care routine is, even though it's pretty much written all over my blog. But, to save you poking around my site, and because I am a nice guy, I have drawn up a visual (see below) of the products I use throughout the week. 

Now, just to be clear, there isn't a cure for hair loss, and I sure as heck haven't found one yet, but there are treatments and products out there that can slow down and halt the process, as I have found and experienced for myself. 

So, here are the products/treatments that I use and that have worked so well for me... 

HR23+ Hair Supplement
I use HR23+ daily, as instructed on the label. This supplement the best I have ever tired, and is an essential part of my routine. I would recommend it very highly.

OGX Argan Oil Shampoo
After a short spell on the Biotin & Collagen shampoo by the same brand (which I also rate highly), I decided to go back to the Argan Oil shampoo.  This thickens my hair dramatically, and argan oil is a proven hair beneficiary ingredient. I use this shampoo about 2-3 times a week.

Minoxidil Foam
Although minoxidil didn't work particularly well for me a few years ago, I have decided to add it to my hair care routine, due to its proven regrowth properties.  I use a cheap branded foam, which I apply to my scalp about twice a week.

Head & Shoulders Endurance Shampoo
I have been using Hair Endurance shampoo well before I started going bald, and I absolutely love it. It's the best shampoo you'll try for under a fiver.  I use this about twice a week. 

Derma Roller
After reading about the Derma Roller and its ability to stimulate hair follicles, I decided to give it a try. I use this about once or twice a week, in and around my temples and crown region of my scalp. 

OGX Biotin & Collagen Amplifier
The Biotin & Collagen Amplifier is another gem by OGX and I use it on my hair pretty much every morning. It's nice to know you're rubbing a hair growth agent into your hair before you go about your day. 

Biotin 500mcg
I decided to add Biotin to my hair care routine a while back. I couldn't honestly tell you how effective it has been for my hair, but I will continue to use it anyway.  I take this pretty much every day, and I have opted for the 500mcg, as I already take vitamin B7 in the HR"3+ supplement.


What is the best Hair Supplement?

What is the best hair supplement I have tried?

I frequently get asked what hair loss treatments I rate the best. So, I have decided to split my answer into a couple of categories, starting here with my top rated hair supplements.

I'll be covering topical solutions (shampoos, serums, lotions etc.) in my next post, but here I shall give you guys a run down of the best hair supplements I have tried for my hair loss. 

My rating of each supplement is based on how effective they were in the prevention of hair fall and the stimulation of hair growth.  Just remember, these are my opinions only, and results will vary with each individual.  What might work better for me, may not work as effectviely for you.

Biotin 10,000mcg
Biotin is used in pretty much every decent hair supplement on the market, and if you're serious about enhancing your hair, you should really consider getting yourself a bottle of Biotin pills. 

Using Biotin, my hair grew faster and stronger, which was great, but it still didn't solve my hair loss problem - I was still experiencing hair fall, therefore I knew this wouldn't be a long term solution for me. 

Even though Biotin wouldn't cut it on its own, I was still keen to keep it in my diet, as it would surely pair up well with a DHT blocker... 

Biotin ratings:
Effectiveness: 2/5
Safety: 3/5
Affordability: 5/5
Score = 10/15

Saw Palmetto  
...and that brings me to my next supplement - Saw Palmetto. Even though more tests are needed, Saw Palmetto has shown to be a DHT blocker.

I started using Saw Palmetto a while back, and I can honestly say it has worked pretty well for me. I definitely noticed less hair falling out from using it, but there was still room for improvement. 

This is the point I started searching for multi-vitamin supplements that contained Saw Palmetto and Biotin, along with other hair beneficiary ingredients that could help prevent hair loss and encourage better hair growth. 

Saw Palmetto ratings:
Effectiveness: 3/5
Safety: 3/5
Affordability: 4/5
Score = 10/15

I tried Nutrafol a while back, and from looking at the ingredients list, I kinda knew what to expect from this American supplement, I thought I'd give it a try anyway.

Containing ingredients like saw palmetto which have worked excellent for me, I only used this supplement for a few months, as I was already happy using a different product that was working well for me at the time.  

Although I didn't notice much change in my hair in the way of growth, I was pleased to see that it seemed to help the prevention of hair fall.  I gave this product a rating of 3/5, but perhaps I should have used it longer in order to give it a fairer trial.  Overall though, it could be a viable option for your hair, but be warned, it is very expensive. 

Nutrafol ratings:
Effectiveness: 3/5
Safety: 5/5
Affordability: 2/5
Score = 10/15

Ok, so I only rated Viviscal 2/5, and looking back that does seem rather harsh. This is a good supplement with some really great ingredients in it. 

I think I was so miserable at the time of using this, after my dreadful experience using TRX2, that perhaps I never really gave Viviscal a fair chance. I also discovered an effective solution at the time of using Viviscal, therefore I didn't complete the three months trial that I had intended.

Anyway, even though both products are similar in additives and performance, I have rated Viviscal slightly ahead of Nutrafol based on the price. Viviscal is much more affordable and they also offer multi-pack deals, which Nutrafol doesn't seem to do.  I would recommend Viviscal if you suffer from early stages of baldness.

Viviscal ratings:
Effectiveness: 3/5
Safety: 5/5
Affordability: 3/5
Score = 11/15

I cam across Procerin quite early on in my hair loss journey, and I was initially really impressed with these tablets. They seemed to be working a treat during the first two to three months, which I was absolutely delighted about.

With a generous dosage of Saw Palmetto, Procerin was definitely reducing the pattern of hair loss. I noticed much less hair on my pillow every morning, and less hair in the shower too. My hair didn't appear thicker in any way, but the rate of hair fall was definitely less. 

However, after about three months, my hair started falling out again, which was devastating to say the least. In the hope it might have been natural shedding, I continued to use Procerin for another three months, but I still seemed to be losing hair. 

Now, I still rate this supplement highly because it did work during certain periods of using it, but for whatever ever reason, the results didn't last the distance.  However, I would consider using Procerin again in conjunction with Biotin, if I did not have the alternative that I am using now. 

Procerin ratings:
Effectiveness: 3/5
Safety: 4/5
Affordability: 4/5
Score = 11/15

My number one supplement for treating hair loss is, without question, HR23+ hair health capsules. This supplement has been the most effective treatment for my hair loss problem, and I discovered it at a time when I was really getting desperate.

Based on a key formula of hair growth agents and DHT blockers, this seemed like the perfect solution I was looking for.  The ingredients are not revolutionary, but I was familiar with most of them anyway. 

I have been using HR23+ for a couple of years now, and it has done just about everything possible for my hair. It has slowed down the rate of hair fall to the point where I just don't lose any more hair. I genuinely believe that HR23+ has halted my blading completely.  My hair has never looked thicker and better than it does since I started using this supplement. I am very pleased with it, and I would obviously recommend it to anyone in the same situation as me. 

HR23+ ratings:
Effectiveness: 4/5
Safety: 5/5
Affordability: 3/5
Score = 12/15
I shall be going through the best topical solutions in my next post, so stay tuned...


Hair shedding in Spring?

Seasonal hair loss?

During my mid-twenties, one of the things that got me really paranoid was hair shedding, or to be more precise - seasonal hair loss. 

Seasonal hair loss is something that happens to all of us, apparantly. We tend to shed during certain times of the year, but we counterbalance this pattern by going through hair growth phases too. 

I am prone to the most common form of hair shedding - I tend to shed in the spring season - or at least when the weather gets hotter, anyway.  I also shed quite a lot in autumn season, which is vey common for many of us. 

My strongest season for hair growth is, without doubt, the cold, winter time. Knowing this now, it did seem odd that I used to worry more about my hair during March and April time, but now I know why. 

Anyway, if you tend to experience severe shedding at certain times of the year, then fear not, there isn't anything to worry about. This is perfectly normal, and all men and women go through the same thing every year - many of us just don't realise it. 

I was doing some extensive reading on this subject, and apparently we still don't really know why hair shedding happens. There are multiple theories scattered across the internet, but none of them contain solid proof that is backed with scientific research. So, I won't bother trying to guess what the exact reason is as to why we shed at certain parts of the year. 

As far as products go, I would avoid using anything harsh on the scalp during your time of peak shedding. Some products on the market can cause shedding, therefore you really don't want to be shedding twice the usual amount of hair. 

Just keep your topical product count to an absolute minimum, at least until the shedding stops as you transition into your growth cycle. 

If you guys have anything more to add on this topic, then please feel free to leave your comments below.  Oh, and please, can you not leave any spammy links in the comments section - they'll just get deleted. 


Ever heard of Dutasteride (Avodart)?

I was browsing through a few hair loss forums the other day, and during a thread on the subject of Finasteride (branded as Propecia), I came across a drug called Dutasteride, which is branded by the name of Avodart. 

Now, I must confess, I hadn't ever heard of this drug, that apparently can be used to treat hair loss very effectively. So, I Googled it straight away to see what information I could dig up on this mysterious pill.

Dutasteride is considered an effective hair loss treatment for hair loss and thinning hair, but not without its potential side-effects. Dutasteride, unlike Finasteride, is not FDA-approved. Therefore it cannot market itself as a treatment for pattern baldness. 

Dutasteride is actually a medication used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate), but side-effects included new hair growth on patients suffering from Alopecia. I guess you could put this product in the same category as other hair loss treatments that were kind of discovered accidently. 

Dutasteride was developed by GlaxoSmithKline and is a 5α-reductase inhibitor which prevents the conversion of the androgen sex hormone testosterone into the more potent dihydrotestosterone (DHT). 


Now, with all that said, it's time to look at the negatives - the side-effects!  Unfortunately the side-effects are similar to that of Finasteride, which is the reason I have never actually tried Propecia, so this has kind of burst my happy bubble, somewhat!

Typical side-effects that you can expect to experience from taking Dutasteride will include sexual dysfunction, prostate cancer risks, and severe skin irritations. 

If, like me, you aren't keen on risking the side-effects, you are probably best off avoiding Dutasteride and opting for something more natural, without the risk of any nasty surprises.

I'll bring you guys more on this pill once I get a further understanding of the research, testing and results.


How to Deal with a Receding Hairline

I think there's only one thing that is worse that a receding hairline - and that's a thinning crown! But still, both a bad enough, and if there's a way to tackle both patterns of hair loss, then I'll take it!

My hairline started receding when I was in my mid-twenties, and now well into my thirties, I seem to have halted the pattern, somewhat. Through a carefully tried and tested hair care routine, I have noticed much less hair fall and far better hair growth - and when I say 'better', I mean stronger, faster and healthier growth. 

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you'll have a pretty good understanding of what products and treatments I currently use for my hair loss problem. Now, I am not suggesting that my hair care routine could be just as beneficial for someone else as it has been for me, but what I am saying is that a receding hairline does not have to be the be all and end all - it really isn't the end of the world! 

How to deal with the receding? 

You'll notice that many famous faces such as David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds have slightly receded hairlines,and that is absolutely normal for many men - it doesn't mean you are going bald. The vast majority of men experience slight receding of the hairline as they approach their thirties, and this should not be mistaken for male pattern baldness. 

A maturing hairline is most likely the reason for the slight receding at the temples, usually up to an inch or two back. But fear not, gents, providing you do something about it early on, you shouldn't really recede much more until you reach your forties or fifties. I think that, well certainly with me, most men just want to have as much hair as possible in their thirties than any other decade. Most men worry more about losing their hair before they hit forty, and I can completely relate to that. 

Naturally, we want to hold onto our hair during the period in our life when we are likely to find a girl, settle down, have kids, etc. and by the time we reach our forties, having a full head of hair doesn't seem as important to so many of us.

Some handy tips for a receding hairline:
  • Style your hair strategically
  • Take hair vitamins
  • Use Biotin shampoo (liquid)
  • Try Saw Palmetto (supplement)
  • Worry less
  • Avoid thick and gunky hair styling wax


Belated Happy New Year!

Can you guys believe it's already February, and this is my first post on here since the end of November last year?!! Time really does fly when you're super busy!

Anyway, just to let you all know that I am back after a hectic festive season and new year, and I shall be continuing my journey battling through hair loss. 

As far as my routine goes, well, nothing much has changed so far this year - I am still using OGX Biotin & Collagen shampoo, along with HR23+ supplement. This practice has stabilised my hair, but I will still be trying some new products this year and of course I shall keep you guys in the loop, every step of the way. 

Before I checkout, I thought I'd let you know that I recently ordered a product online, and it should arrive here in the next week or two. The product I ordered is the Yuda Pilatory Spray from China, and yes, before you all have a pop at me, I do realise this was a product that I absolutely slated a while back, BUT with different ingredients used in this particular spray (or so I am told), I really thought it could be worth checking out.
I don't hold any hope for this spray, of which I am still sure is a scam, but I want to try it for myself in order to put the ghost to bed! So, I shall let you know my progress with it after I've used it for a minimum of two months. Stay tuned.