Why I am shedding so much hair?

Why do I shed more in autumn?

Over the past few weeks I have noticed my hair is shedding more than usual.  I can see around 25 to 30 hairs on my pillow every morning, and a whole load more in the bath tub after my showers. 

I won't lie, it is slightly concerning, but I am aware that autumn can be a brutal season for losing hair. In fact, after researching the subject of 'seasonal hair loss' it turns out this is very normal, and that is is perfectly natural to shed excessive amounts of hair at the end of summer season. 

Come to think of it, I do recall severe hair shedding during this time of the year in previous autumns gone by, so it doesn't worry me too much. I guess it all depends on how quickly my hair grows as we enter winter.  After all, winter is meant to be the best season for strong hair growth.

So what is seasonal shedding? 

Seasonal shedding is when we shed more hair in certain seasons than others.  According to my research, most of us tend to shed the most in the summer, but many of us, including me, shed more hair in autumn. It depends on each individual.

Humans operate much the same way as animals do - We shed during certain parts of the year in order to grow new 'fur' for other seasons.  Hence why winter is usually a good season for hair growth.  

Although quite severe, the shedding that I am currently experiencing isn't bad enough that it can be noticed, but if you suffer from pattern baldness, then any form of shedding isn't particularly good for your cause.  Seasonal shedding can play havoc with a balding man (or women), so it is crucial you take the right steps in order to avoid more shedding than necessary. 

How to prevent shedding

Unfortunately, stopping the pattern of seasonal shedding is near impossible, but there are ways in which you can minimise the amount of hair fall.  

It really is a case of tightening up your hair care routine, and making sure your strands are getting the right minerals, nutrients, vitamins and care.  A good, hair strengthening biotin or argan oil based shampoo is very effective solution for hair loss. I am always raving on about the OGX shampoo range - they're rich in ingredients and cheap in price - so be sure to check them out.

Also, make sure you are getting plenty of hair beneficiary vitamins into your diet on a daily basis.  Many of you will know that I take the hair supplement, HR23+, which provides me with all the vitamins and minerals I need for better hair growth. 

Finally, it should really go without saying, if you want healthy hair then you need to be living a healthy lifestyle.  Your hair is no different to any other part of your body - the better you treat it the better it will grow! Eat well, live well, and see your hair benefit.


Are we getting close to a cure for hair loss?

Where is the cure for male pattern baldness? 

I was doing some reading on the topic of hair loss the other day, and apparently over 60% of men suffer from some stage of baldness by the time they reach the age of 40.

Now, I knew male pattern baldness was a common thing, but even I was surprised how high that stat was. It puts further emphasis on finding a cure for baldness.

So, even though there isn't a cure for alopecia, are we any closer to finding one? In this multi-billion dollar industry, let's take a look through some of the most potent treatments available for balding and thinning hair.

The only two drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat hair loss are minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia).


A medicine that was originally used to treat high blood pressure, Minoxidil is now a mainstream brand that is listed under the more familiar name, Regaine (or Rogaine in the US). This topical formula has showed real signs of generating new hair growth in men and women suffering from thinning hair across the scalp. And although this was not effective for me personally, Minoxidil is a popular drug that can work on a small scale. The risks side-effects are high, but luckily they aren't too severe.


Finasteride, better known as Propecia, is an prescription oral pill that blocks DHT in men. This drug can prevent baldness occurring in men, providing they take the treatment during early stages of baldness, but the risks or side-effects are high - and what's more, the potential side-effects are pretty nasty. Erectile dysfunction, sever skin rash, and mental complications are just a few of the issues that come with Finasteride.


Dutasteride is used to treat prostatic enlargement. While the FDA has not approved the drug to treat hair loss, physicians sometimes prescribe Dutasteride (branded as Avodart) off-label for male pattern baldness. Dutasteride works similarly to finasteride, but it may be more effective. Like finasteride, dutasteride inhibits the activity of type II 5-alpha reductase. However, dutasteride additionally inhibits type I of the enzyme. Blocking both types of the enzyme lowers DHT even more and reduces the risk of damage to hair follicles.


Natural vitamins are becoming the most popular choice of hair loss treatment. Why? Because they work!  HR23+ is the latest in a long line of hair health supplements that seem to be taking the market by storm.  Multi-vitamin supplements cater for many of who have vitamin/nutritional deficiencies.  Supplements like HR23+ contain key hair beneficiary ingredients that can prevent the pattern of hair fall and promote the rate of hair growth.


It's National Hair Loss Awareness Month 2017

It's August, so that means it's Hair Loss Awareness Month

I can't quite believe it's been a year since the last National Hair Loss Awareness Month.  Time really does fly when you're losing you hair!  

August always fills me with anticipation and optimism. It's the time of year when all the hair loss treatments, products and services come together to help hair loss sufferers all over the world.  This is the month when hair loss sufferers like me feel like we are really understood, and we do not feel alone.  

If you are experiencing baldness, particularly early stages, then you really should be getting as much as you can out of National Hair Loss Awareness Month.  You'll see plenty of offers, news, information sources and discounts on all the latest and very best treatments available.  

If you can't spot an offer or discount on your favourite brand, then it is likely just haven't seen it.  It's always worth contracting the company to see if they are doing any deals for Hair Loss Awareness Month.  It really doesn't hurt to ask. 

The next four weeks should fill you with positivity - after all, there are millions of people around the world who are in exactly the same position as you are in.  Hair loss is such a difficult topic to talk to people about, so having more information readily available for you over the coming weeks is a real bonus, and something you should seriously take advantage of. 

What offers and deals have I found? 

As many of you will already know, I take HR23+ hair supplement, and they currently have a 20% discount running on their products, which will expire at the end of the month. So hurry up and bag your discounted supply ASAP.

I've also taken advantage of a cheeky little offer of buy 2 get 1 free on the OGX shampoos at Boots. These shampoos, particularly the Biotin & Collagen addition, are just fantastic, and incredibly beneficial for hair growth.  And what's more, they're all priced well under £10.  I'm not sure this offer has anything to do with Hair Loss Awareness Month, but it's there anyhow, so take advantage of it if you can. 

I've not had much of a chance to find any other great deals, but I shall continue my search when I get a bit more time this week.  I understand SkalpUK has some sort of deal going for their services, which could well be worth checking out, and I imagine there will be other special offers going from leading hair transplantation surgeries. 

One thing's for sure, I'll keep you updated as and when I discover exciting discounts and bargains to be had. To keep up to date with Hair Loss Awareness Month, definitely follow the trends #NationalHairLossAwarenessMonth #HairLossAwarenessMonth.


The Best Hair Loss Information Websites

Where to get the best advice for hair loss?

With National Hair Loss Awareness Month just around the corner (the whole month of August), there will be a bunch of offers, news and events coming our way over the next month or two.  

So, with so much information about balding and thinning hair coming at us, what are the best sources to read?  Well, in my opinion, I have listed five key information hubs that strive to educate its readers on everything hair loss related.

If you're keen to know more about male (or female) baldness, then be sure to check out these five websites (in no particular order)... 

Belgravia Centre

The UK's leading hair loss clinic is a great information source for both men and women to check out.  There is a wide array of useful information on balding, including full diagnosis and treatment recommendations.  The Belgravia Centre is also a real clinic, so if you want to go a step further and speak to a professional about your concerns, all you need to do is book an appointment. 


What I like about HairLossFight is the fact it contains a load of reader forums, based on so many different topics that are hair related. Sometimes it's nice to read about real people's experiences, rather than constant advice from the experts.  'Experts' are usually trying to sell you something.

Hair Loss Review Centre  

Hair Loss Review Centre (HLRC) is an excellent information hub for men and women seeking advice on the topic of baldness.  I do find the topics are broader on HLRC and they offer a very interesting read. With detailed product reviews and ratings, this website gives the readers a clear understanding of hair loss and what types of solutions there are on the market.  Give it a read -  I highly recommend it. 

Hair Compare

What better way to help someone pick the ideal treatment than to compare the best products to each other.  If you're looking for clean comparisons between two different treatments, then Hair Compare is the place to visit. Based on each individual, Hair Compare aims to find the most suitable hair loss treatment through trial and comparison. Brilliant! 


Interact with other hair loss sufferers and browse through some recommended treatments on the HairLossTalk website. This was actually the first baldness related website I visited on a regular bases. HairLossTalk allowed me to swap stories with other sufferers, as well as discover some really decent treatments.  


Combat Hair Loss During Summer Season

How to get the best out of your hair during summer

Hair shedding is very common, especially during spring and summer seasons.  As humans, we tend to shed more during the hotter months of the year - a bit like animals shedding their fur. 

Many people often ask if they should alter their hair care routine during shedding season.  In my case, yes, I do tend to make a few minor tweaks to my routine in order to get he very best out of my barnet. 

Summer hair care routine

Ok, so like I said, the changes are minimal, but they do seem to work for me.  Firstly, I tend to take Biotin supplements during the summer months.  I already take Biotin via HR23+ hair supplement, but I do take the extra dosage when hair shedding reaches its peak.  

Biotin (Vitamin B7) is an excellent human growth agent that helps improve the condition, strength, rate and speed of hair growth. I do see it as an excellent vitamin to take during a period when your hair is at its weakest. 


Wash your hair less often

I actually only wash my hair with shampoo about twice a week in the summer period.  We tend to sweat a heck of a lot more in the warmer climate, so it's not particularly ideal.  I actually wash my hair with warm water five days a week, but I only use shampoo about twice a week. 

Weaker strands will benefit from less shampooing and conditioning, so, if you can, avoid over-washing, to keep your hair looking and feeling fuller. 

Use sun factor on your locks

I always, without fail, use 30+ SPF on my hair during summer. I use an anti-grease sun factor cream and gently rub it into my locks until fully absorbed.  This offers my hair excellent protection from the sun throughout the whole day.

One of the main causes of hair damage is the ultraviolet rays from the sun - therefore it is essential that you give your hair full protection with a good SPF solution.


Why is Hair Loss so Upsetting?

Why Balding Matters!

Suffering from hair loss has to be the most confidence-sapping thing any men (or woman) can ever go through.  I remember when I first started noticing my hair falling out, and I was absolutely devastated. 

Luckily, at just 25 years of age, I acted quickly and I managed to turn things around somewhat, and halt the balding process with a solid hair care routine, consisting of treatments that work for me. You'll be able to see my hair loss treatment plan throughout my blog. 

I think a lot of guys who start losing their hair at an early age all share the same feelings and emotions during the process. I can't imagine it's quite as bad going bald in your fifties when you are settled down with a wife and family, after enjoying your hair when it really mattered the most - when you were young. 

Having thinning hair in your early twenties can be quite soul-destroying, and here are a few reasons why I found experiencing hair loss to be the most terrible thing in the world... 

All your mates seem to have hair

For some reason, I started looking at the people around me when I started noticing my thinning scalp, and pretty much all my mates had normal, thick, full heads of hair.  I know it sounds bad, but a part of me really wanted them to be suffering with baldness too, just so I didn't feel like the odd one out.  

There isn't a cure

It doesn't matter how effective the treatments are, the bottom line is - there is still no cure for hair loss.  Although I have managed to prevent balding, it would be really assuring to know that there is a cure for it.

Women hate bald men

Well, at least that's what most guys think. I'll admit, one of the first things I thought to myself after noticing my receding temples was: "I'm never going to find a hot girlfriend".  I felt totally screwed, and I know if I ever go fully bald one day, I'll lose a heck of a lot of confidence, especially when it comes to women and dating. 

It's slow and painful!

Don't get me wrong, for the most part, balding is a very slow and torturous process, but some men bald very quickly. Most men would just prefer to lose their hair quickly, so they can shave it all off and get on with their lives. I am not one of those men. I would much prefer to lose my hair slowly - that way it gives me more time to find a treatment that works - and that is exactly what happened.  After tying a number of different products and treatments, I now have an effective hair care plan that has helped prevent hair fall and maintain a good healthy head of hair. 

Click here to see my hair care routine.


TRX2® Advanced Care Hair Thickening & Styling Cream

So, my good friends over at Oxford BioLabs have released a new styling cream, based on the same principles as their other products. 

It's funny, as it was only the other day that I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a styling cream that could also help prevent hair loss and thinning hair.  The question is, does this stuff actually work? 

I will definitely not be purchasing this, as I am not a big fan of TRX2 products.  Many of you will know how unsuccessful the pills were, after I took them for nearly nine months!  So, this post is not a review of this styling cream, as such. 

I tried to find the list of ingredients in this formula, but it does not state this information on their website.  If any of you have bought this product, then please list the ingredients in the comments section below.  I will then be able to give my in-depth views on this formula.

I have actually looked into creating anti-hair loss styling creams, using a wide range of additives, including Minoxidil, but the problem is, like with any anti-baldness formula, it needs to absorb into the scalp for the very best results.  

Hair styling creams do not absorb into the scalp, instead they just hug the hair strand and then get washed out. So, if you think about it, packing a styling cream with a bunch of anti-hair loss ingredients is actually pointless. 

Topical foams, serums and shampoos are more effective for preventing baldness because they actually absorb into the scalp upon application. This is why a styling cream could not work as an anti-balding treatment. 

There isn't any logic to using this styling cream, unless of course you love the texture and shine that it gives your hair. But at over £20 per pot, it'll be the most expensive styling product you are ever likely to purchase. 

If you want my honest opinion, then I would label this product as nothing more than a gimmick - just another money-maker to add to the existing line of TRX2 products on offer. 

If you have used this styling and 'thickening' cream by TRX2, then I would love to hear your honest feedback.  Please leave your thoughts and reviews in the comments section below.